EcoSure Moves Into Educational Insurance

So over the past few months EcoSure has been making headlines with their recently launched EcoSure Moovah motor insurance cover.

It seems they are not stopping and they are looking to end the year with a bang as they are launching a new insurance product focused on education.

So what’s enda about?

Cassava Smartech CEO, Eddie Chibi, believes that just offering life cover is irresponsible and insurance cover for education is the next step to ensuring that your children keep going to school regardless of your financial situation. Well, that’s their side of the story…



There are 3 packages which cover primary and secondary education:

Primary School packages

  • Basic – For $2.50/month you get a termly pay-out of $100
  • Premium – For $5/month you get a termly pay-out of $200

Secondary School packages

  • Basic – For $6/month you get a termly pay-out of $200
  • Premium – For $8/month you get a termly pay-out of $350

Comprehensive package

The comprehensive package covers both primary and secondary education. This is a tailor-made package which depends on the age of the child along with the preferred fees value and the termly pay-out of between $300-$3 000.

How can you register for enda?

You can already register for enda’s educational cover by following the simple steps:

  1. Dial *900#
  2. Select option 2 (Enda Educational Cover)
  3. Select option 1 (Register)
  4. Chose preferred package

Avoiding drama down the line…

EcoSure is partnering with Higher Life Foundation in order to ensure that payments reach the schools and interference from outside forces such as relatives is reduced. If you know a thing or two about it culture you’ll know that relatives are usually ready to plunder resources when given an opportunity.

Higher Life Foundation has a track record of assisting the orphaned and their experience in this field will mean that fees payouts are made directly to the schools.

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      1. Why cant this benifit our kids while parent or parents are alive so we can focus on other worries that benefit our kids..Why wait Tafa…. Change that please…

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