Entrepreneurs Who Failed & Got Back Up Share Their Stories At This Cool Event You Need To Attend.


Last time we wrote about F-up Nights a lot of people were baying for blood in the comments section. I felt this aggression was the wrong way to look at things and having an open mind would do some of you no harm. Now F-up nights is hosting another event on the 30th of November at Impact Hub Harare and for those who are interested in attending this event book as early as possible.


What’s F_ck-p nights about?

I’m going to sound very defensive in this article but only because of what happened the last time we wrote about this. Aggressive name aside, F-up nights Harare is actually part of a global movement and at the events, they host people who come and share their stories of personal failure. If there’s one thing that aspiring entrepreneurs should know it’s that you’re probably going to fail a lot before you hit the jackpot. Knowing that you’re not the only one failing and getting to know how other entrepreneurs failed before getting back up is a great way to find comfort on that very difficult path.

What I said in my previous articles regarding this event still holds true:


The PROFESSIONAL f-ups -which are shared at an event once a month around different cities- do not aim to praise failure or encourage it. Instead, the goal is to remove the stigma around failure and learn from your mistakes.


The price of admission for the event tomorrow night will be $5 and you can buy the tickets on Impact Hub Harare’s website. The event starts at 6 pm and the following people will be the headlining speakers:

  • Chiedza Danha & Ellinah Chipumha – The heads behind the popular Unplugged Zimbabwe music festival
  • Gabriel Chipara – Some of (not all) the things he has done include Business consultancy, Health insurance, crop/livestock farming and mortgage loan broking
  • Deborah Nyasha Peters – fund manager @ African Women’s Venture Fund. She’s also spoken at Global Entrepreneurship week along with TEDx Harare and many other events.

If you’re an entrepreneur on the rise, this is a very cool event to attend and I would advise you to go whether you like the name of the event or not. Go learn!

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