Here’s How You Can Check How Much You’re Sending Via EcoCash & Other Mobile Money Platforms


echarges is a great way to keep up with exactly how much you’re sending from your mobile wallets. Today when you make any transaction you have to take into account how much of a hit you’re taking due to the %2 tax, the EcoCash/OneMoney tariff and if you’re planning to cash out then those charges are rapidly rising…

You know what would be great? A tool that can calculate for all these charges at the tap of a button. Thankfully echarges does just that.

Apart from just calculating how much you spend when you send the site also contains some useful fees for:

  • Balance inquiry
  • Wallet to bank
  • Bank balance
  • Bank statement

You also get handy shortcodes for sending money, cashing out, and paying a merchant for all network’s mobile money wallets.

A great way to make use of the application is to just add it to your homescreen as a browser shortcut and then it will constantly appear among you’re apps ensuring that you actually get to use it.

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