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It’s Not Too Late To Get Your Preferred Udemy Course For $9.99

Thanks to a number of local business a lot of Zimbabweans are now aware of the existence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is in direct contrast to all our Golden years (2009-2015) when sellers jacked up prices prior to the holiday season despite the fact that we were using the US dollar.

What’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is the next day after Thanksgiving which is a big holiday in the US. Because the United States in the world’s largest economy a lot of companies around the world tend to try and entice US customers with big discounts and awesome deals. A lot of customers in other countries decided to get in on the fun- I mean why should US customers be the only one to take advantage of the deals?

In successive years more businesses and customers have joined the tradition of massive discounts and other sweet deals on and around the Thanksgiving holiday. The first Monday after Thanksgiving is also known as Cyber Monday.

What’s Udemy?

Udemy is like the Netflix of courses. Experts and enthusiasts on various areas including programming languages such as JavaScript, Phython,PHP and Java create video courses on these subjects. If you pay the asking amount, currently $9.99, for a particular course you get lifetime access to that course including all its future updates. So for example if you get a little rusty you can retake the course for free or if a framework like Laravel is updated you can get access to future updates.

Udemy is still offer courses at Black Friday and Cyber Monday Prices

As already said deals are not only offered on Black Friday or Cyber Monday as businesses try to edge each other they keep offering these days for a while. Sometimes prices actually continue to fall even after these two big day sales! Udemy is still selling its courses at $9.99

Recommended Courses

There are thousands of courses on Udemy. You can visit the home page and search for your own preferred course but I think you will find the following courses to be especially useful:

Making Payment

Making payment is easy if you have a MasterCard/Visa that can make payment and already has funds (finding funds is a hard with the government insisting bond notes are at par with the USD). If you do have funds all you have to do is head to Udemy, create an account or sign up using Google/Facebook, select the course(s) you want and checking out.

I would recommend using your card to PayPal when making online payments. Udemy is a reputable entity but there are a lot of scammers out there.

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