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MDC Makes 6 Demands To Zanu-Pf Including, “The Immediate Scrapping Of The 2% Money Transfer Tax”

Nelson Chamisa addressing a rally

The prevailing economic turmoil has prompted the largest opposition party (MDC) to make demands to the ruling party (Zanu-PF) so as to give people a reprieve. Following MDC’s demonstration yesterday, it issued a list of things that it wants the government to rectify immediately, which are;

Immediate Interim Demands

Pending dialogue and discussion above, we demand the following measures to be taken immediately;-

1. The immediate scrapping of the 2% money transfer tax.
2. The immediate scrapping of the bond note.
3. The immediate scrapping of measure to levy duty on certain imports in USD.
4. The immediate provision of Foreign Currency to Pharmacies to enable same to sell drugs in local currency.
5. The immediate liberalization of the Exchange Rate.
6. Ensuring fuel and other goods and services are readily available and sold in local currency.

We contend that failure to act on all these issues will result in the continuation of the unpalatable suffering of our people.

Fragility will turn into state failure, chaos and an implosion will be eminent. We therefore demand an urgent saving of our country.

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10 thoughts on “MDC Makes 6 Demands To Zanu-Pf Including, “The Immediate Scrapping Of The 2% Money Transfer Tax”

  1. If the bond note is scrapped then there won’t be a local currency to talk of and hence no exchange rate that can be manipulated.

  2. What ever he can say he knows he is misreading people ,apposing forthe sack of opposing because he is from an opposition party without principles. He knows that the road to recovery which will glorified the ruling party to the detriment of his party and shame him, hanse all his noises. Opposition parties such as MDC should lather must change their mind set.

  3. Contradictory. Scrap the bond note but dont charge forex for imports
    So what currency must be paid for duty
    Such immature people
    Why not ask how can we help as opposition not how can we stop everything from working

  4. Agreeing on the bond note issue and foreign currency liberalization. Zvimwe izvo kungoukura.

  5. I can only conclude that some Zimbabweans are not suffering at all. So fuel queues are OK? The 1:1 ratio is OK when the market says otherwise and when the country is loosing on fuel bought in US$ but sold in Bond at 1:1? I think people ought to be serious. If you are OK please say so?

    1. i think people are not ok but they know that the mdc is only just bringing politics and not solutions, they just want a seat on the table

  6. I am befuddled to say the least! If the Bond $ is scrapped what local currency are we then talking about with respect to paying duty, paying for pharmaceuticals, etc?

  7. Mdc has no solution to Zimbabwe’s economic challenges. They are simply fighting for a seat on the table. All their demands are just populist and nothing else. Zanupf must just ignore them with the contempt they deserve. Mdc must call off sanctions it called for with USA.

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