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Safeguard Now Has An App You Can Use To Easily Report Emergencies

Some weeks ago, I (we) visited a Safeguard event where they showed us some of their latest tech product that are helping them to fight crime. Safeguard is one of the leading security companies in Zimbabwe with a longevity that spans over 20 years. The company is in a period where it is employing different types of emerging technologies that makes it easier to detect, prevent and report crime.

On my visit, I (we) was introduced to doors and gates that are integrated with the biometrics technology, tracking devices (IoT), web apps (used for communication in transportation of highly valuable things), a device called bloodhound (that I have yet wrapped my head around), a mobile app and many more.

But today, I will just talk about its mobile app which I found to be quite useful. This day and age, home security apps play an important role in home security. With these kinds of apps, one can easily monitor their home remotely, get a real-time video feed of their property, switching on alarms, report emergencies and a whole lot of other functions.

Although the Safeguard app that I’m going to talk about doesn’t yet have many of these functions (at the time of writing) that I have listed above, Safeguard is working to bring up more functions. It’s only a matter of weeks or months to see more functions. Anyway, let’s take a look at what features the Safeguard mobile app currently has.


This feature lets you easily request Safeguard’s help during an emergency. Suppose a thief gets in into your yard but you are hesitant to come out your house to check around the yard, you can then use this feature to alert Safeguard that you have an emergency. How its done. To send an emergency alert, you simply need to double tap the Emergency button and your message is sent instantly. Simultaneously, the distress signal will pop up at Safeguard alerting them of your need for help, who will then attend to you in your hour of need.

Make a report

Even after you didn’t hear a break in and you are in no emergency situation, but you want Safeguard to give a safety clearance of your premises. You can get ahold of them by just making a report via their app. The same way you send a distress signal when in an emergency is the same way you make a report, only that you will be pressing a different icon (the Make a report icon).

My Guardian

This feature adds on top of the Emergency feature. With the ‘My Guardian’ feature, you can add a maximum of 5 personal contacts that you can reach out to in an emergency situation. It could be the police, ambulance, friend, relative, loved one, you name it.

Where to download the Safeguard app

Download the Safeguard app by following this link.

How to get started with the Safeguard app

To start using the Safeguard app, you need to do a simple registration. You just need to provide your name, email address or phone number and that’s it.

NB: To enjoy the services that come with this app, your home has to be under the protection of Safeguard.

More about Safeguard’s app

To hear more about Safeguard’s app and its products and services, contact 0771 423 082


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