Telone Now Rewarding Good Money For Reporting Cable Theft And Vandalism, It Has Already Paid $20000 This Year Alone


Telone’s struggle to contain the damage and theft of its communications cables has now forced it to introduce financial rewards as a way of encouraging people to report the criminals (who steal and damage the cables). In its Notice, the state-owned telecoms operator said that it’s offering a financial reward of up to $2000 to anyone who informs it about people who damaged or stole its property. Here is Telone’s Notice


Earn Quick and Easy Money by helping TelOne in the fight against theft and vandalism of telecommunications assets such as copper cables. TelOne is offering a reward of up to $2,000 to anyone with information of such acts.

Send us an anonymous tip and choose how you want your reward to be paid. The reward is paid instantly provided an arrest or recovery has been made.

  • Over $20,000 has been paid this year in rewards.
  • 122 suspected criminals arrested.
  • 10 years mandatory sentence for convicted criminals.
  • 5 years imprisonment or property forfeited for transporting and harbouring criminals .

Anyone with information which may lead to the arrest of these copper cable criminals may call TelOne during working hours on 0242-252999 or contact our Call Centre on 950 or 0242700950, SMS/Whatsapp 0718700950 at any time. Alternatively send an email

What surprised me is Telone’s claim that it has already paid $20 000 thus far this year, when this programme (of rewarding people for reporting vandalism and theft criminals) was not publicly known. So, it stands to reason that Telone was quietly rewarding people who reported criminals that vandalized and stole its property. And now it thought it wise to publicize the programme.


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