WhatsApp’s New ‘Reply Privately’ Feature Will Let You Reply Privately To Group Chat Messages

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WhatsApp may be gearing up to ruin part of our experience on the app by introducing ads in Status,  but at the same time, the messaging giant continually keeps adding handy new features to enhance our user experience. WhatsApp users will soon get a new feature called ‘Reply Privately’ that will be available in group chats. What’s the feature about? The ‘Reply Privately’ feature will allow you to select messages in a group conversation and be able to send private replies to a user instead of replying in the group itself.


Other users on the group will not be able to view the private message you would have sent using the ‘Reply Privately’ feature. In simple words, it’s like a private chat that can be accessed in a group. This will save users the trouble of getting out of the group and then searching for the concerned person’s chat and then replying to a message they would have sent in a group.


This feature will certainly come handy for users who are hesitant in voicing their views in a group conversation, but still want to air their views. Another useful application of this feature will be in groups where only the admin has the permission to post messages. Earlier, you couldn’t send any message in such a group, however, private replies change this and you can now quote a message to clear out your queries.

This feature is currently available only in WhatsApp beta on Android and should make its way to everyone very soon. What do you think about the ‘reply privately’ feature?

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