ZiReport Is A Brilliant App That Allows You To Report Incidents Of Mistreatment At Hospitals


For a long time, there have been murmurings of mistreatment at hospitals and clinics but there has always been a problem when it comes to reporting these issues and actually seeing things get done. Most of the time people don’t even know where to report and thus things just go on and on. Fortunately, ZiReport is an application that seeks to put an end to that nonsense.


What can you do with the app?

ZiReport – as the name suggests- allows Zimbabweans to report mistreatment in local hospitals and clinics:

All around Zimbabwe, in government run and municipality run clinics and hospitals, there is a lot of mistreatment occurring at the hands of health care providers.


Mothers in waiting shelters are left un-attended and some give birth without nurses on duty, clients go for hours without being attended and some clinicians pay more attention to their smart-phones.

Most people wish to file a report but fail to do so. Age-X will make sure your complaints and issues are heard and reach the right ears. A lot of people wish to report but fail to do so because they do not know who to go to.

Just use this app. Your report is anonymous.

The app description sums it up perfectly and best of all your reports are sent anonymously and this should allow for some accountability. The reports are uploaded online after you submit and they are directed to each provincial health office. Age-X Development –the team working on the application- will also follow up to see whether reports are addressed.

This is a really great but simple app that you should keep handy if you have a relative in hospital or in the event of you coming across some mistreatment in a hospital.

Download ZiReport on Android

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