5 Solid and Affordable Gadgets You Can Buy In Zimbabwe This Festive Season

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A few weeks ago, we partnered with some international brands to bring our Techzim community smartphones, tablets, VR headsets and other gadgets at reasonable prices in Zimbabwe.

Through our Techzim Marketplace, readers can now access gadgets supplied through official reseller channels and that come backed with full warranty and after sales support.

Here are some picks by our editors:

1. Nokia 2 (Dual SIM) – US $142

The Nokia 2 brings the company’s traditional tough and durable design all Nokia phones are famous for. With Dual SIM and 2-day battery power from a single charge,  this phone is clearly made with Africa in mind and pushes the limits at a reasonable price. Check it out here.

For a limited budget, you could also consider the Nokia 1.


2. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus LTE (Dual SIM) – US $185

Coming with a 24-months warranty from Samsung, this Grand Prime Plus is part of the company’s range of mid-tier affordable but solid smartphones. Dual SIM means you can take advantage of the most cost-effective network for calls and another for EcoCash! Check it out here.


3. Galaxy Tab 3, 7″ VE 3G & WiFi- US $152

The Galaxy Tab 3 is not Samsungs latest and greatest tablet, but what that means is that you can grab it at a much lower price than more recent tablets. This is for someone looking for a bigger screen to consume information with comfort, whether that’s news on the internet, a PDF eBook, or a textbook at school.

For those of you with school children on programs such as Ruzivo, the Galaxy Tab 3 is a recommended device, not only for its price but also for its solid design, Samsung’s 24 months warranty (in case of problems), as well as it’s premium quality. Check it out here.

4. Samsung Galaxy J6, 32GB (Dual SIM) – US $287

If you’re looking much more power in your phone, a great camera and have little more to spare this festive season, the Galaxy J6 will certainly not disappoint. Like the lower cost devices, it also comes with Dual SIM (a winner capability for us here!).

It packs 3GB RAM, 32GB of internal memory for storage and can also be expanded to a 256GB! It’s powered by Google’s recent Android Oreo 8, which makes it a phone to last its owner several years of usefulness. Check out in detail here.


5. Gear VR – US $124

This is the perfect gift for the modern explorers in your life, young and old. The Gear VR will provide an immersive Virtual Reality experience enabling you to explore the word for study as well as entertainment.

This is where your VR journey begins. You can tour the world all from your virtual home.

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  1. Kilotango

    Please modify or change this article so that people know that these are USD prices, and that you only accept USD/Paypal and international VISA/Mastercard only. its not clear until you try to check out and make a purchase

  2. Kratos

    Please try and partner with Xiaomi too.

    1. Munyaradzi Malvean

      True , Xiaomi is a good brand, am using a redmi 4a since 2016, no problems at all, would love to upgrade but in Zimbabwe dololo

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