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Don’t Be ‘Internetless’ This Festive Season, You Can Pay For Your TelOne Using Ecocash Here On Techzim

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A good number of you are already buying all their mobile airtime (NetOne, Telecel, Econet and Africom) using Ecocash here on Techzim. We have added TelOne prepaid products to the mix too.

To buy your prepaid TelOne broadband (ADSL or Fibre internet) just visit this page and select the internet bundle you want, fill in your details and buy. You’ll of course need to confirm the transaction on your EcoCash phone. Try it out!

You can also buy your TelOne prepaid voice vouchers by following the same steps here.

Happy Holidays!!

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

4 thoughts on “Don’t Be ‘Internetless’ This Festive Season, You Can Pay For Your TelOne Using Ecocash Here On Techzim

  1. wow … this a great initiative! highly convenient and recommended … qhubekelani phambili ngalo uhlelo loluuuuu!

  2. You can also buy via telone app or self-service portal or mycash or ok stores … I’ve bought via the app and it gives you the remind gigs. Highly recommended

  3. Speaking from the diaspora. Firstly this is a service I would like to use, great job for launching. However I am aware of the actual rates back home. Bond is not equal to the US$. I would like you to make money but based on current rates at if I pay you US$25 that’s equivalent to 70 bond notes or 82 RTGS. I now have a dilemma. Being a Zimbo I am naturally stingy, I figure if I send US$ via Mukuru my relatives will be able to buy the airtime and have change.

    I am okay with you giving you the US$ via Paypal for a much better rate. My suggestion if you make it US$15 for PayPall which gives you 42 bond I would happily buy the airtime for people back home.

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