EcoCash’s I-nvesta Platform Allows Users To Trade Shares On C-Trade Through EcoCash

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If you open EcoCash’s menu there’s a lot that may pass you by because we often use a few particular functions. One such feature that has been there for a long time and we constantly missed was the EcoCash I-nvesta menu.

I-nvesta is (and has been for quite a long time) available on the EcoCash menu under Make Payments > Regular Payments > EcoCash I-nvesta. The platform allows EcoCash users to buy shares on ZSE through C-Trade.

C-Trade for those without the application

If you’re more familiar with the EcoCash USSD or application and installing C-Trade is not high-up your to-do list you can just use I-nvesta instead. From this platform, you can actually create a  C-Trade account (which might be an easier way of going about it as the C-Trade process was a bit muddy last time we checked). On I-nvesta you’ll only be asked for your PIN and your account is created whereas on C-Trade you’ll have to select custodians and a bunch of other things you may not be entirely familiar with.

You can buy/sell shares

Most importantly, I-nvesta allows you to buy and sell shares. You will need some details regarding the company’s shares you’re buying. For example, you need the CSD (Central Securities Depository) number, the company code for the specific company’s shares you want to buy and the number of units (basically shares) you want to buy.

You also have options to buy either primary orders or secondary orders. The difference being that investors buying primary orders are buying the shares directly from the company selling them whilst the secondary orders involve investors selling and buying among themselves.

I-nvesta users will also be able to make portfolio enquiries to see the performance of all the stocks they are trading for separately.

How long has this been around?

It seems to me that I-nvesta existed even before the formation of C-Trade. Earlier this year it was reported that Untu Capital (a microfinance institution) was integrating with EcoCash and the integration was under the very same I-nvesta menu we speak of today. This platform also allowed for the purchase of tradable bonds but it seems the partnership was more of a short-term move as it was meant to raise $1 million in debt financing for start-ups and small businesses over 30 days. Now that the short-term agreement is over, the only option left under I-nvesta is C-Trade.

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