How To Open A Steward Bank Account From Your Phone


In this digital day and age, it’s critical that any service provider make their service accessible available on mobile. We are already addicted to these phones anyway so bringing these services where the attention is slowly becoming a necessity. Steward Bank did just that by allowing Econet subscribers to open a bank account from their phone.


So how do you go about this process?

It’s a fairly simple process but let’s break it down step by step;

  1. Dial *236#
  2. Select Option 1 – Open Steward Bank Account
  3. Agree To Terms & Conditions by selecting Option 1
  4. Select Account Type – Option 1 is iSave Account & Option 2 is iStudent Account
  5. Steward Bank will automatically link the account to the number that is registered with the phone & your name & ID number will pop up. To confirm that these are indeed your details you then select Option 1 to confirm.
  6. You will receive an OTP (One Time Passcode) and once you’ve entered the OTP you will have an account. You will then receive a message from Steward giving you your account number.
  7. Remember at this point you still don’t have Steward Bank card but once you have followed the above steps you’ll now be able to collect that card from any Steward Bank agent or Econet shop. Remember to produce some identification when you do so.
  8. Once you have collected the card, dial *236# again
  9. Select Option 1 – Activate The Card
  10. You will be prompted to enter the Card Number (which is the 16 digit number at the back of the card you would have collected)
  11. You are then prompted to Set A New 4 Digit PIN

Once you have set the PIN you’re good to go.


Register for mobile banking…

If you’re going to be using mobile banking then you can register by following these simple steps;

Dial *210#

Enter your mobile number

Select Option 1 (Agreeing with terms & conditions)

Enter your Account Number

And you’ll receive an OTP that you will use to log in initially before being prompted to change the password to one only known to you.

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  1. If this is not disruptive I don’t know what is…. Why are the banks taking us for granted… They simply don’t care

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