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Let Techzim Know About Your Event


A lot of events have been happening and some of you were not too happy that we missed your events.  We are sorry about that. How about we ensure that this doesn’t happen in future?

So in case, you have a product launch, press conference, hackathon, meetup……. etc please fill in details about the event you want Techzim to cover. We obviously can’t make it to every event but even so, your event is important and we definitely want to know about it!

We are also inviting schools to let us know when you do these Tech/science Seminars or functions. You see, Techzim strongly believes in the opportunities that the internet brings, and being in this space makes us want to talk about it whenever we can. And yes we are obsessed about tech, and we certainly don’t want to miss an opportunity to be where tech is being talked about.

Yours Truly


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