Meet Gas On Fly: An App Being Created To Spare You The Pain Of Waiting In Fuel Queues

Recently we talked about a website that was collating data on the productive hours Zimbabweans are wasting as they wait in fuel queues. Well Gas On Fly is an app designed to do lots of cool fuel/energy related stuff but the best feature for me was the function that spares you the pain of having to physically wait in a fuel queue.

Here is what the App’s developer , Tonderai Chiyaka, who is shortlisted in the Total Startupper awards, had to say about his App.

I would like to give a brief description of the challenges and solutions “Gas On Fly!” is bringing to market.
“Gas On Fly!” Is an On-Demand application for Android, iOS, and Windows that addresses ENERGY delivery challenges.
SOLUTIONS offered include:
1. The app will help you find a Fuel Station: *across the African continent and internationally.
*Those in the 1st world will be able to find the nearest charging Stations for their electric Vehicles.
*The App will manage movement of fuel queues. Meaning you will receive notifications and a ‘queue-number‘ remotely, saving time lost through unnecessary waiting on queues.
*With the advent of the ‘Intra-africa Trade‘ deal, people across the continent will have a peace of mind, when driving across foreign boarders.
2. Generate Coupons:
*With In-App payments a driver can buy petrol, diesel coupons.
*Companies can do bulk purchase of petrol, diesel.
*Pre-payments will also enable Business stakeholders to predict sales, increase investment; hence foster development and Continental prosperity.
*Coupons can be shared between “Gas On Fly!” users.
3. Gas delivery services:
*”Gas On Fly!” has a robust business model that is relying, not only on vehicle refuelling; But Homes, School, restaurants will be able to ORDER, PAY, and have gas DELIVERED through the app.
4. Pay for electricity:
*The app allows for utilities management; including payment of electricity. Those with multiple people in a household, contributing to a single bill, will be able to split the bill through ‘GROUP payments’.
5. Artificial Intelligence:
*The app allows one to Use ‘Voice-commands’ to ORDER fuel to avoid distractions when driving. (Owners of vehicles with Android Auto; will have no need of mobile devices like phones/tablets; BUT speak directly with their vehicles)
*Integration of native languages like Shona and Ndebele for the Zimbabwean market is part of the roadmap.
*Artificial Intelligence is used to remove complexity; so that Illiteracy doesn’t become a barrier to use.
5. Machine-Learning and Big Data:
*Big Data that has been processed means better information resulting in sound decision making from Business Leaders and Policy Makers.
*”Gas On Fly!” is positing itself as Big Data, Machine-Learning, Business-Intelligence and Artificial-Intelligence; On-Demand software as a service platform.
To help fast track its roll-out ” Gas On Fly!” Entered the Start Upper of the year challenge by TOTAL.  
I have just voted for this very innovating project. I invite You to take a look and also support it, LIKE THE PROJECT via this link.
As someone with a very high ‘network-worth’ and a keen interest in the development of African youth I saw it wise to share this development with You; in hope that you might connect me with relevant authorities who might fast track “Gas On Fly!” Into market.  Solving African challenges is going to take a collective effort amongst Innovators, Incumbents and Policy Makers.

Currently the App is still in the development phase when we asked the developer what he had to say about this he had this to say:

The App is a work in progress. With focus on the Enterprise side of the App now, since these have to support each other with the ecosystem.There is a consumer app and an enterprise suite for business partners; as well the “Gas On Fly!” Backend.
While some of these Applications still in stealth mode; it is a strategic move on our part to enter the TOTAL Startupper of the year challenge to accelerate Onboarding for both Business partners and Application Users.
The application cannot exist efficiently by itself hence the need to develop a robust ecosystem; that not only self-serving But for the better good of the Zimbabwean and Continental Economy.
With the advent of Intra-africa Trade we startups, Incumbents, incubators and Policy Makers need to have a wider mindset encompassing not only within a countries boarder But adopt ” A Continent First Mindset”

It will be cool if Gas On Fly becomes a reality

This App has potential if it ever sees the light of day. Zimbabwean business are notoriously threatened by technology and most will be hesitant to join an app they have not commsioned themselves. That is a hurdle they have to clear and we will see whether their conscious strategy of partnering with Total will bear fruit. We are rooting for them to succeed.

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  1. Not much value here for the locals… You can use what’s app groups are all ready doing the job… As for gas companies already have deals with suppliers probably at much better rates… Also if you pushing on usd it’s available and there’s plenty of cubicles available… Had a friend who was selling gas door to door… He’s folded… Not much traction… Cause the bulk of buyers are small guys… It would not make sense delivering 5kgs all over the place

  2. There’s already an app like this tho but hey i guess we need more. The one im talking about is called Intelli Africa Solutions works similar but in Africa

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