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Mutumwa Is A Start-up That Makes It Easier To Deliver Anything For You

The on-demand economy is swiftly taking over the traditional business models by serving people with what they want, when they want and where they want. Mutumwa is one of a few new players in the on-demand economy space in Zimbabwe. You can use Mutumwa’s to deliver just about anything.

Mutumwa is simply a courier start-up that performs on-demand delivery services. The start-up is much more integral for the on-demand economy as startups and company alike use the service to deliver their products. If we are to talk about start-ups, Mutumwa’s partnership with Fresh In A Box is probably the first and most visible manifestation of its importance in the on-demand economy or the start-up world (Mutumwa does the home delivery of Fresh In A Box’s vegetables).

This is just the earliest example that portrays how Mutumwa is part of the start-up ecosystem. Perhaps one way that will (in future) highlight the critical role, a start-up like Mutumwa will play, is when e-commerce really take off in Zimbabwe. Mutumwa will then start to deliver your groceries, suits, gadgets etc. on a wider scale. That’s not far-fetched considering that, according to Mutumwa’s manager, Brian, they are considering having operations in areas other than Harare.

A bit more about what Mutumwa does

Mutumwa is more like a personalized courier start-up which you can just ask to deliver anything in Harare. You can even ask Mutumwa to go buy your groceries or buy a newspaper. Its like they are your messenger. In a way, the start-up seems to be more household-customer-centered than business-centered because households have more varied and ‘crazier’ request of deliveries that businesses. Still, Mutumwa does businesses with many companies such as Pariah State.

How much you will be charged

For just about any of Mutumwa’s services you are charged $1 per kilometer.  Even if you want to ask them to deliver bricks Mutumwa or you want eggs delivered, you pay $1 per kilometer.

How to start using Mutumwa

To ask for Mutumwa’s service you just have to contact them on their WhatsApp Business number 0719130540. You might have thought that Mutumwa has a mobile app. But they say currently it doesn’t see the need to have an app for its business process. That makes sense considering that they are already leveraging the most accessible platform in Zimbabwe which is proving to be helpful in its business process, according to Mutumwa.

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2 thoughts on “Mutumwa Is A Start-up That Makes It Easier To Deliver Anything For You

  1. There’s a lot of things that WhatsApp cannot do, that an app/web-app can. The on-demand delivery space has a number of players with more accessible information. For example, it’s nearly midnight and I want to check if the price is still $1/km as well I want a quote based on their route calculation, should I have to wake someone up for that?

    FYI, the most accessible platform is actually the Internet, and thus websites, as compared to WhatsApp. Plenty of phones do not support WhatApp, but have a browser. At least they should invest in a website, if they don’t want an app. Search results just gave me Mutumwa Mawere related pages. If it wasn’t for this article, where else was I supposed to get their contact information? Even just a single page website, come on guys! Be progressive!

  2. Amazing delivery service be Mutumwa. One of my package is delivered through them. They delivered it on time without any damage to products.

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