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With the prevailing shortages of groceries and other commodities in Zimbabwe and Christmas just being around the corner, you are probably stressing about where you gonna buy groceries. Well there is now a new e-commerce platform,,  that your relatives and loved ones in the Diaspora can use to buy groceries for you and they groceries can get delivered to your doorstep in Zimbabwe.


Even though the URL ends with “za” (for South Africa), primarily serves the Zimbabwean market. The goods sold on the website come from South Africa. According the team behind the site the goods are essentially South African products that are “already in Zimbabwe stocked at our (their) warehouses”.  

So when you or your loved one makes a purchase, an order is sent to the Nyasha team and processed. It takes 2-7 working days for the goods to get delivered on your doorstep in Zimbabwe. Groceries start at R1 000. In a way, is a grocery remittance company, so to speak.


How do you pay?

The platform accepts a multiple number of payment options. The diaspora can pay through:

  • Making a cash payment at offices in Harare and Bulawayo
  • Making a cash deposit money into’s First National Bank account. This is especially convenient for the Diasporans in South Africa
  • Paying using MasterCard or Visa.
  • Making a direct payment (EFT) into their Absa, First National Bank, Nedbank or Stanbic bank accounts.
  • Making a money transfer with Mukuru, Worldremit or Western Union.
  • More interestingly, you can also make payments using cryptocurrencies.

Delivery Zones

At the moment they can only deliver in Harare and Bulawayo only. Meaning that if you live in Marondera, you’d have to collect your stuff yourself at offices in Harare or Bulawayo.


(+27) 072 638 9943



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