OneMoney Now Offers Payroll Services: You Can Now Receive Your Salary Straight Into Your OneMoney Wallet

OneMoney banner at an event

Netone silently introduced payroll services on its mobile money platform, One Money this recent Sunday. The introduction of the payroll service means employees can now receive their salaries straight into their OneMoney wallet. But unlike the EcoCash payroll service which serves everyone (both public and private sector employees), OneMoney’s payroll service serves civil servants exclusively. That is the OneMoney payroll service only processes salaries of government employees (who are on the Salary Service Bureau).


It’s not a big issue for OneMoney to wholly offer this services to government employees because the government has a large workforce that’s enough to give OneMoney a good return on investment.

Anyway, I’m just surprised that with the enticing ‘onboarding benefits’ (benefits for signing up to receive your salary through OneMoney) that OneMoney payroll service is offering, which eclipse EcoCash’s payroll service’s onboarding benefits, it didn’t make ‘noise’ in introducing the payroll service.


OneMoney sign up benefits

Just like many services OneMoney (and Netone) introduces there will be add-ons that will entice you to tag along. To begin with, by just registering to get receive your salary through the OneMoney wallet you will get funeral cover through OneCover.

But that’s not all OneMoney can come up with. Sickness usually comes when we least expect it and more often than not, we will be broke such that dependants could suffer each day we spend in a hospital bed. But when you join the OneMoney you are automatically eligible for a cashback health plan. A cashback health plan is a medical insurance that provides cash back towards everyday healthcare bills and a wide range of other wellbeing benefits. So the cash back health plan you get will provide a simple, affordable way to cover healthcare cost and safeguard the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

And one more enticing offer of signing up to receive your salary on OneMoney’s payroll service is that you can even get your salary 3 days in advance. Thus you will be able to cover your ‘zvipande’ (debts and obligation) a bit earlier. Furthermore, in the first 2 months of registration to receive salary through OneMoney you will get free OneFusion bundles.

How to start receiving your salary through OneMoney

You just have to go and collect some forms at any Netone shop and fill it in. Or if you clueless as to where the nearest Netone shop is you just Netone’s call center at 123.

OneMoney’s payroll service is being introduced just a few weeks after Ecocash started supporting the Salary Service Bureau. So OneMoney’s introduction of its payroll service is most likely to be a ‘counter-attack’. And its a counter attack that could garner success (with the onboarding benefits its offering in mind) only if it is well-marketed.

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