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Utande Increases Wimax Prices: Still Offering The Cheapest Unlimited Internet

Dandemutande Brands

These days if you want cheap ( below $100) unlimited internet your option are pretty much limited these days. Powertel, Aquiva and Dandemutande are the only providers that I know right now who have unlimited packages south of the sacred $100 mark.

It would seem however that Utande has followed in the footsteps of ZOL who hiked their prices in the face of increasing costs. Their price increases are however not of the heart attack inducing nature that we saw from ZOL although they are not insignificant.

The old versus the new

Package/SpeedOld PriceNew Price
mushe Max45.0058.50
monthly Max75.0097.50
sky Max150.00195.00

To be fair given the speeds on offer here, Utande is still the cheapest deal in town. $95 which you can pay using Ecocash/Bond Notes/Transfer is still a very good deal in my book considering you have to fork about $180 to get an unlimited package with ZOL bearing in mind that the ZOL package comes with much more speeds in theory.


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