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Vaya Launching In Gweru Later This Week

Harare and Bulawayo are usually the places where most things in tech happen. Or at least that’s what most of us have been socialised to think. Well the duopoly of these two major cities getting all the good stuff seems to be coming to a close, as Cassava SmartTech is launching their Vaya ride-hailing service in Gweru later this week.

A message pointing to this has been circulating on WhatsApp and the message reads:

Atention: Sir/madam


Do you own a vehicle and willing to earn an extra income of over $1000/month by becoming a VAYA driver? You are cordially invited to the VAYA forum, another first from Econet.

Venue: Fairmile Hotel, Gweru

Date: 13 December 2018

Time: 9am to 11am

ENTRY IS FREE! Giveaways available!!

For enquiries Please do not hesitate to contact any of the below:

Persistence 0774222410

Ashleigh      0777222348

Funnywell    0774222413

Yours sincerely

Persistence Chagwiza

Account Manager


After some verification of whether this s actually true or false (because all sorts of things are said on ‘app’), we discovered that it was true and we were pleasantly surprised. Though Cassava SmartTech had hinted that they would be launching in other major towns across the country we thought it may have been lip-service. Turns out it wasn’t…

Is this a good thing?

Most of the times when products are launched the major focus is on Bulawayo and Harare and maybe this is a great way to finally shift that culture and ensure that these products are reaching everyone. That is the point of technology after all and frankly, there’s no reason why companies as big as Cassava shouldn’t be launching their products in as many markets as possible.

More towns on the way?

Not only did the Cassava on demand spokesperson we talked to confirm the Gweru launch but they also said the company was on schedule with planned launches in every major town in Zimbabwe. If I had to place my bets on which city was next I would say Mutare, but I could be wrong.

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  1. I have used Vaya before but recently have been failing to get rides in gweru, the drivers will say they in the fuel queue or of with another customer, I think gweru drivers no longer keen to be part of vaya

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