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Yo Mix Bundles Actually Offer Excellent Value Compared To ‘Normal’ Bundles

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So Econet recently gave Elevate members the ability to buy custom bundles and after taking a closer look at what’s on offer, I think this is the best offering when it comes to bundles.

What you can get?

  • For $5 you can get 2.5 GB weekly on Yo Mix vs 650 MB + 650 MB WiFi on USSD
  • For $2 you can get 1GB on Yo Mix vs 1 GB for one day (max) through USSD. In fact, for $10 dollars on USSD, you only get 650 MB + 650 MB for iflix. It’s clear where the value is.
One of the many custom bundles you can configure for yourself using Yo Mix

This small comparison has been one of the biggest challenges with daily bundles. Sometimes you just want data that lasts you longer than a single day because you won’t spend all the data in 24 hours and now through the Yo Mix app you get far more flexible bundles than ever. The cost of bundles is the same regardless of which duration you’re picking for.

How does this compare to OneFusion?

OneFusion has been revised and re-revised and it’s a bit more difficult knowing how much you’re getting anyway in terms of a weekly it’s a bit difficult comparing OneFusion vs Yo Mix directly because you have so much control over what you get with Yo Mix whilst OneFusion is already set for you.

For $3 OneFusion gets you 100 MB for WhatsApp, 125 MB data, 20 mins calling time, and 15 SMSs for a week.

For $3 Yo Mix gets you 550 MB of Data, 12 mins calling time, and 30 SMSs for one week. Of course, you could always customise the Yo Mix bundle and getting something more suited to your usage and the best fit for me for $3 was 900 MB of data, 10 SMS (just in case) and 8 mins for calls.

What about Megaboost?

Telecel also has a mega boost offering which has become quite popular for penny pinchers and for $5 you get unlimited WhatsApp data, 100 MB Facebook data, 350 MB data for everything else, 60 mins call time for Telecel to Telecel lines and 15 on every other network along with 125 SMSs. Clearly, Megaboost packs a punch.

What can $5 dollars get you if you’re using Yo Mix? 1.3 GB and 15 mins calls and 60 SMSs. If calling is a big deal to you might get more mileage out of Megaboost. I say you might because you need to be calling other Telecel lines for the value of the bundle to stand out. If that’s not the case then I don’t see the point of going with Megaboost.

Will it stay the same

Rival network operator NetOne also had fabulous bundles through OneFusion but once people had signed up they ended up switching it up a number of times and it got less valuable. If that’s not the case here I think Econet has a real winner on their hands with Yo Mix.

There’s always a catch…

[update] Elevate is a youth-focused program and this means these bundles are only currently being offered to subscribers between ages 18-35. If you below or above these ages you’re out of luck. 

Best internet bundles right now?

If you’re solely interested in WhatsApp then Megaboost might be your thing but the biggest challenge with Megaboost and Onefusion is the fact that you have so little data left to do other things outside of social media and personally, I think that’s a problem. A colleague shared similar sentiments when Onefusion mixed up their offering earlier this year.

The internet has so many other great things for people to learn and even to just use and make their lives better but we are simply limited to WhatsApp and social media by bundles. I think Yo Mix is the first internet bundle to free up the internet from social media and messaging whilst doing so at a fair cost.

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  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this but they actually not too bad I love they way you can customize them. I need far more WhatsApp then Facebook so it’s really good…. Customize to your lifestyle

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