Another Famous Zim Footballer Has Been Hacked, Hackers Demanding $10K USDs Or Leak His ‘Photos’ Online


Hackers have lately been targeting our cherished football personalities in South Africa. According to a report by The Herald, Khama Billiat’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have been hacked.


This comes two weeks after, former footballer, Peter Ndlovu’s phone was hacked too. It’s not only Peter Ndlovu and Khama Billiat but also Willard Katsande fell victim to this kind of cybercrime too last year.

Back to Khama Billiat’s ordeal, it’s said that the hackers are demanding $10 000 US dollars or else they will leak his photos online. I don’t know what type of photos they are but naturally one would guess; nude photos. But the hackers didn’t tell what type of photos they have, they just said:


We’ve hacked all your accounts on social media and have all your photos……We will post these photos to all media and send them

The hackers not only want to cause a scandal by posting his photos but they also want to use Khama Billiat’s account to post scathing messages to both Presidents of Zimbabwe and South Africa.  The went on to say;

…….we will insult your govt (government) and Zim & SA Presidents through your accounts on social media.

Where is Khama Billiat receiving these ultimatums from?

You are obviously wondering where these hackers are telling Khama Billiat their threats from? Well, Khama Billiat is receiving these ultimatums through his Instagram account which he says they (hackers) have given him control over so that they can communicate their demands. As a matter of fact, initially, the hackers hacked Khama Billiat’s Instagram account and deleted 10 of his photos just to show off that they have the power to hack into all his social media accounts.

What’s the deadline?

The hackers are demanding Khama Billiat to send them $10 000 US dollars via western union in 24 hours.  For someone who earns R833 333 ($38 000 US dollars) a month, he probably can afford to pay the $10 000 if he really wants to preserve his reputation.

Anyway, these hackers seem to be entry-level hackers because they will easily get caught since sending money on Western Union is ‘trackable’. So, If I was Khama Billiat, I would have struck the deal with these hackers (and also secretly engage Western Union) and send them the money, knowing that they will be tracked and get caught.

Although the hackers can just publish the photos on some other platforms, Khama Billiat would be well-advised to contact Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and tell them to deactivate his accounts for the time being.

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Khama BilliatPeter NdlovuWillard Katsande

Khama Billiat is a Zimbabwean international footballer who is based in South Africa where he plays for Kaizer Chiefs. Read More About Khama Billiat

Peter Ndlovu is one of the most outstanding footballers to ever emerge from Zimbabwe. He left Highlanders Football Club and went to England where he made a name for himself playing for Coventry City and Sheffield United. He also captained the Zimbabwe National Soccer Team Read More About Peter Ndlovu

Willard Katsande is an award-winning Zimbabwean footballer who plays for Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa. He is one of the best midfielders in the country and plays the positions of central and defensive midfielder. Katsande joined South African team, Kaizer Chiefs in 2011. Read More About Willard Katsande

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    1. In Brazil they have agents or people who will collect the money transferred from other countries. Plus why would someone be concerned about pictures on social media. akapusa wo uyu. next time ndaashandise google for ma images.

  1. Although I am an ordinary person without even one USD in the bank, they are demanding money from me. They even showed my password on their demand email.

  2. These are actually works of a noob and or a wannabie because thethe aspiring guys stay anonymous by using Cryptocurrencies not the clear WU which Is easily traceble
    Cheers mates

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