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Are You A Teenager? Join The Techzim Career Guidance Masterclass That Kicks Off Tonight.


What Techzim Career Guidance Masterclass, is the question many are asking. Today at 7PM in the WhatsApp Group Techzim Generation Z, a career guidance masterclass will kick off.

Over the years Techzim has been looking for ways to engage with the younger generation. Given the cost of data in this country its somehow not possible to have data bundles and WhatsApp bundles simultaneously. So the only option left is to engage with the group using the only platform easily accessible to everyone. WhatsApp Messenger. We have decided to have our Masterclass on WhatsApp on Thursdays for 30 minutes starting tonight at 7 PM.


The simple answer is, to make sure that the younger generation is equally prepared for the 4th industrial revolution. By now most of us have seen a circular that claims or rather shows the dwindling job fields and the growing job markets. Whilst it’s true that new roles are emerging it’s also not true that some jobs will completely vanish like in the case of auditors.

However 21st-century job seekers are very much qualified academically and even professionally, the irony is, the 21st-century job seeker is still equipped with some of the skills that are now being made redundant by technology.

The initiative behind the Techzim Career Guidance Masterclass is to open the eyes of these college students and soon to be college students on what skills and qualifications are better suited for the future when they complete college. which programs will be most competitive in what fields.

The different speakers from different parts of the world will enlighted Generation Z on how technology can complement the skills they have already acquired ( for those already in school ) among other things.

When?, Who?, How?

We plan to have the masterclass every Thursday at 7 PM for 30 minutes so that our facilitators will have ample time to prepare for the class.

Who should join the group you may want to know, Generation Z is our first target, then those in their early 20s may also benefit from this masterclass. It’s never too late. If you have a teenager at home, its good to encourage them to join the masterclass and see whats on offer. We promise you, they won’t be disapointed.

How do you join the group, by clicking this link right here


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  1. Many thanks for the good initiative.However this has been at short notice. Kindly re-avail it for the benefit of those who have seen the announcement late.

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