[Breaking] High Court Declares That Internet Blockade Was Illegal And Social Media Access Must Be Restored

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High Court of Zimbabwe

So last week the government decided to block the internet as a response to citizens protesting the state of the nation. On the surface, blocking the internet seems pretty illegal and the UN seems to think so too. In response to this seemingly unlawful act, MISA (Media Institute for Southern Africa) Zimbabwe along with the Zimbabwean Lawyers for Human Rights made urgent court application challenging the use of the Interception of Communications Act to wholly suspend communications.

The application has been heard and the verdict is that the shutdown was illegally carried out. Media Institute for Southern Africa Zimbabwe just tweeted out the verdict:

As indicated in the tweet above, this should mean social media getting restored because the order can only be given by the President. Contrary to the government’s belief, the shutting down of the internet hasn’t restored any order but has just prolonged confusion as people have been robbed of their communication tools and are now hesitant to go back to work as they aren’t sure what awaits.

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  1. Anonymous

    cows nxa

  2. severio nyamaropa

    zvakawoma hazvo………….

  3. baba

    so now that this has happened when can we expect full internet access from our ISP

    1. ticky sibanda


  4. Anonymous

    God is watching………….

  5. Anthony Somerset

    Zol appears to be unblocked now

  6. Tindo

    At least one institution appears to be working for the people. Pachine basa though, that act needs to be struck down , its antiquated and unconstitutional.

    Silver-lining people learned a great deal about whatsapp alternatives( Telegram etc) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) during the shutdown. Next time they have a partial internet shutdown our social media experience will not be affected coz we already have the micro countermeasures in place.

  7. Zulu

    Switch on the Internet stop bullying the nation. We have paid it not gift from the Government.

  8. Anonymous

    They are afraid , they should have dealt with the situation without blocking social media. And they also made people to realize their weaknesses

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