[Breaking] Some Zimbabweans Now Have Internet Access But Still No Social Media

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar
GB WhatsApp features holding phone

Though there was an internet blackout for the last few hours, it seems the internet is now working once again. Yesterday morning service providers start shutting down their networks with initial interference only covering social media sites. Things went into overdrive around 10 when the networks basically started going off the grid entirely and we’ve been blacked out until now.

ZOL is back online after about 30 hours of downtime but we’re yet to confirm if other networks have come back online.

The internet blackout was probably meant to block communication with the outside world and to slow down people who were largely dependent on social media and WhatsApp to outline their protest plans.

[Update]: It seems social media is still blocked. WhatsApp and Facebook still seem to not be available unless you already have a VPN installed but the rest of the internet seems to be working just fine.




  1. Star Seed

    its darkest before dawn.

  2. Taylor

    This is very sad. Imagine a situation where someone bought daily data bundle 30 minutes before the blackout. Knowing our networks that person will not be compensated.

    Our country is truly bleeding right now.

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