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Court Case Against Blocking Of Internet To Be Heard On Monday, Public Not Invited

High Court of Zimbabwe

The urgent application by MISA Zimbabwe challenging the legality of the directive to shut down the internet by the government will be heard on Monday. MISA has presented this case joint with the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

The media activists took the government to court after the government issued a directive to all internet service providers to shut down the internet blocking access by all Zimbabwe residents. The order was carried out and the internet was shut down for 30 hours and then again for another 15 hours.

Social media was blocked before the total blackout and is still blocked even now and the few Zimbabweans on social media right now are using VPNs. Some of the VPNs have been blocked themselves.

Now the court proceedings will not be in public, they will be in chambers before Justice Owen Tagu.

We will keep you updated on this important case

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