DStv Was Facing Some Challenges With Their Payments System But It Seems The Issues Are Now Resolved

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If you tried renewing your DStv subscription over the few days that just passed you may have actually ended up in a cat and mouse situation with DStv representatives as they were facing some challenges with their payment systems.

A work colleague experienced this earlier this week when she paid her DStv account on Monday but until earlier this morning she was constantly getting excuses and pleas for her to be patient as their systems were down.

The problems have been resolved

We contacted DStv yesterday afternoon and they made it clear that there was an issue indeed but it seems now the issue has been resolved. A statement by Liz Dziva, DStv’s PR Manager responded saying:


The DStv subscription payments system experienced a series of technical problems but these have now been rectified. We  apologise to those subscribers for delays in processing their payments and loss of service.

We recommend advance payments so that any technical problems will not affect the continuous receipt of the DStv service.

My colleague did indeed confirm that her issue was resolved so it seems the systems are now working once again.

Does this affect the duration of your subscription

Nope. If you had paid 5 days ago and your subscription only got activated today it does not mean you have lost 5 days of your monthly subscription. Subscribers still get their full month of subscription as the counter starts after subscription

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