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Econet and TelOne Shut Down The Internet Completely, Now It’s Darkness


So it has happened. If you are on Econet or TelOne, you can’t even use a VPN to access social media anymore. You can’t access the internet at all in fact. The service providers have thrown the switch.


It seems the interruptions started shortly after midnight with a number of service providers having flipped the switch and internet access now being limited. Other providers such as NetOne and ZOL haven’t completely turned off the access but they have blocked WhatsApp and Facebook.

Econet being the biggest provider of connectivity effectively means at least 65% of all Zimbabweans can’t access the internet anymore. This happened at around 0845 hours (CAT) today 15th January. So far other mobile network providers have blocked WhatsApp and Facebook but Econet has blocked the whole internet from being accessible.


TelOne is the government-owned fixed telephone service provider. They are the biggest providers of fixed internet to the home in Zimbabwe right now and therefore their block is quite significant.

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    • Why then does ZCTU call for a shutdown if it ruins our economy? Don't let hatred for Zanu PF make you support silly things!

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  • The pfeerorists have no sense of smell. Not even their own sh**. Useless bunch of editors.

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  • Cry the beloved country. You are leading the way, won't be long before South Africa joins you. You won't be alone for long.

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    • I'm sure they are... "my phone isn't working, I'll just grab the sat phone!" No idea about DSTV. I saw a comment from one person using a satellite connection and a vpn but it's very quiet out of Zim right now - most people don't have cash or loads of airtime to text and call so rely on their internet bundles and whatsapp.

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  • A country with over 90% literacy rate, the best and most educated population in Africa. What went wrong. May someone with better knowledge plizzz tell me, especially Zimbabweans.

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