Econet Promises To Credit Subscribers Who Had Bought Bundles Prior To The Internet Shutdown


One glaring question many initially had with this internet shutdown was whether or not they would be getting credited for the days of internet access  had lost.


Some had bought bundles and they never got round to using them and I suspect people went out and bought bundles again the following day under the encouragement of the Deputy Minister who insisted that the internet had not been shut down but was merely congested before prompting people to ensure that they buy more bundles to access the internet. Anyway, Econet has started sending out messages to some subscribers assuring them that they will be refunded for the internet access they were deprived of:

Dear Valued Customer, you will be credited back your daily data bundles bought between the 15th & 16th Jan 2019. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted. Thank you.


That will come as a relief to those who had spent their money and not gotten a service but bigger questions still remain regarding how long social media will continue as it will affect both telcos and subscribers. For telcos, the WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter bundles (OTT bundles) were probably their most popular offerings and the move by the government effectively cuts off a huge number of people from accessing these bundles. For subscribers, the daily bundles which are now working when OTT bundles aren’t are too expensive and you have to buy them more frequently which in this economic climate is not really a viable option for many…

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