Here’s A Few Useful Telegram Groups To Help You Stock Up On Groceries And Other Resources During The Shutdown

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So Telegram is working just fine and though the application probably surged in popularity with people banding together to inform each other about fuel it seems now there will be mass users joining the network as long as WhatsApp and other social networks remain closed off by the government.

The fortunate thing about Telegram is joining groups and channels (broadcasts) is not as hard as it is on WhatsApp. In fact, you can even search for groups on the platform which isn’t among the things you can do on WhatsApp.

I’ve found two interesting groups people are using on Telegram to communicate during the shutdown and the first is the “Shopping and general” group which is quite essential once you consider that most people are not even aware of how or where to get groceries during the shutdown. Some shops are not open and some are open but getting to know what’s happening is the hard part right now. To join this group just look for the search icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Telegram app and search “shopping and general” and you’ll be good to go


Another group which might be worth checking out is the “Fuel finder Zimbabwe” group and as the name suggests people are updating one another on which service stations have fuel and gas. This might be as good a time as any to stock up on fuel if you’re brave enough to join the queues.

I only started using Telegram this morning and because that’s the case I have no idea which groups are actually popular for locals. If you know of any other groups that might be useful right now or even later just leave the name or link to the group and we’ll check the groups out and update this article adding more groups.

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