Here’s List Of Websites Blocked In Zimbabwe In Fear Of Protests, Includes Dating Sites!

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So protests and stay aways are a very fearful thing it seems. Our paranoid government has blocked all websites they can think of that allow people to share information. The list even includes dating websites and platforms like Tinder!

Here’s the list:

List of websites blocked in Zimbabwe right nowThere are probably more websites that are not on this list. WhatsApp appears to be the most hated!

You can keep up with this trend on this Twitter page (if you have a VPN that’s still working that is).


  1. oh these cowards !!

    the cowards seem to be blocking vpn connections again right now !

  2. Heeeeei

    Switching off Internet Access and blocking social media is a human rights violation according to the UN, of which Zim is a member. It is now very clear that in Zimbabwe the state is looking after itself while the citizens are suffering on their own. The state (all three arms) forget that the money that sustain it and the authority they have are all derived from the citizens who have all the moral and legal right to withdraw the authority. The state has unfortunately the full support of the international and regional communities, which leaves the citizens on their own to face the monster, which is now in panic mode, almost the last kicks of a dying horse?????

  3. Anonymous

    What has blocking ever achieved in any undemocratic country? It makes us struggling citizens unit even stronger. When you having a Govnt treating the same people who pay their salaries & corrupt lifestyles worse than dogs. Why does ED want to do business with Russia and not the West? What does this tell us?

  4. Anonymous

    out of interest. where did you get that list from / generate that screenshot

  5. Jumbo

    This is a huge Human rights voilation,, This shows
    The government dose not know what they doing!
    This is no different from The dictator Robert Magabe
    Keep the people suppressed , hungry sick, with no money, & shoot them them if they complain!!!!!
    When are the politicians going to lead by example?
    After all they work for the people !
    It’s time all Zimbabwean, come to gether to sort these problems out& not just blame every one else
    For things they are all responsible for???

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