How To Access Your Zimsec O’Level Results Online


As we have just told you an hour ago, that you can check O’level results online. Apparently, the portal has been functioning since November last year but Zimsec probably never thought that it was worthwhile to tell people about it until yesterday. Anyway, let’s talk about how one can access their results on this online portal.


  • You should be registered on the platform to access your results. So, if you aren’t registered, here is how to register:

>Click “register as a new user”


>Once you click that you will be taken to this page (below) where you enter things like center number (the code of your school), candidate number, username etc. If you feel stuck, follow the instructions on the sidebar of the registration page

When you are done, go back to the homepage where you will enter your newly-created username and password and boom! You will see your results.

How the results are displayed on the portal

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170 thoughts on “How To Access Your Zimsec O’Level Results Online

  1. What should..I do if I hv forgotten my password…and..they say.. my account has been halted..plizz are worried now

  2. Forgot my password tried to verify my security phrase but it seems as if they is a problem it’s not showing anything else but keeps on repeating the same positions l already entered

  3. Ndonyimwa chislip zvose ne online here vanhu vekuzvikoro musadaro regai tionewo online vabereki vakatokoniwa kutibhadharira nw pano motivharira musatiomesetawo

  4. this system is useless, and not user friendly. i have tried logging in since afternoon up to now it keeps telling me that student already registered but i cant access the results why? ahyas Zimbabwe inorwadza, please upgrade izvi hazvisi kushandika nazvo

  5. zvakadigwa jecha nhema dzavo no recovery password ,,,,their application is suffering from kwashi ,,,,what type 0f software design

  6. Yoooh isn’t there is someone to reply cause most of us are affected by the same problem………heeee the account has been halted what’s the hell is this

  7. tried to do everything only to discover that someone opened my child’s results. can zimsec do something about it coz its not fair

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