How To Access Your Zimsec O’Level Results Online


As we have just told you an hour ago, that you can check O’level results online. Apparently, the portal has been functioning since November last year but Zimsec probably never thought that it was worthwhile to tell people about it until yesterday. Anyway, let’s talk about how one can access their results on this online portal.


  • You should be registered on the platform to access your results. So, if you aren’t registered, here is how to register:

>Click “register as a new user”


>Once you click that you will be taken to this page (below) where you enter things like center number (the code of your school), candidate number, username etc. If you feel stuck, follow the instructions on the sidebar of the registration page

When you are done, go back to the homepage where you will enter your newly-created username and password and boom! You will see your results.

How the results are displayed on the portal

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170 thoughts on “How To Access Your Zimsec O’Level Results Online

  1. The halting thing should have solution online..wats making us creating more accounts is…when we try to log in ..zvirikuramba we try option B..

  2. Am having challenges ,its saying my account already exists but i did not create an account.How do i delete the other account and open a new one.i dont owe the school anything.

  3. this online thing is jus smething else after entering all the correct information still it says candidate details not found improve ur service pliz

  4. I want to open my child’s results, l tried since yesterday bt l failed. Today l managed to create the account bt it’s not working “Account not activated”hw long will it take for the account to be activated!

    1. Your account does not activation, if it is asking for activation you registered your account on the wrong platform,. Create your profile on Candidate Login not School Login

  5. I created the account l tried to login bt it’s not working .just giving me the option to login is the portal still available? Are we going to get help here or we are jst living our comments . The schools must let us view our results even if we owe them a lot toonawo pekutangira ma headmaster inzwai tsitsi if we didn’t pay fees kureva kuti haipo!um in pain

  6. Have tried many times to access my best friend’s results but its saying already registered and has no reset for forgotten password etc yet I ddn register from the beginning

  7. If one makes a mistake once then why does the account registration become halted …it doesn’t make sense

  8. Created account entered all details,correctly,its saying account halted,user already have,an,account but dont have the details,i have been trying since,yesterday dont knw which account they opened on all my requests

  9. half done job , cant give you credit for shoddy work, i have been trying to enter date of birth and i continue getting message that the format used is wrong. Can someone pliz assist or at least give a different website . ndokunge iriko

  10. Imi gadzirai website ine musoro… Hachisi kushanda ichi… Asi pane huwori here pa website yenyu nxaaa vamwe voti zvaita, vamwe atisi kuona… Tangai ma testa b4 publishing site ine error

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