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NetOne Shuts Down Access To Facebook And WhatsApp

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It seems the shutdown protests might be getting shut down in a different manner all together as internet access to instant messaging service WhatsApp and social media platform Facebook is no longer working on certain networks.

NetOne subscribers have been complaining that their access to these two services has been blocked off since around 1 AM with access only being restored when they install a VPN. Scrolling through Twitter, it seems there are a lot of people going through these errors and here are some of the complaints:

If you want to continue using these services, what’s your next option? Well, the VPN is your next bet. The whole country is going lights out as every major internet service provider and network is turning off access to WhatsApp and Facebook. Econet and TelOne have done the same, and so too has ZOL.

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6 thoughts on “NetOne Shuts Down Access To Facebook And WhatsApp

  1. I support the shut down if malicious and destructive messages are being used to incite people to hurt other people and destroy property.

  2. Clueless regime. This is the perfect response of a cornered dictatorship. Shutting down internet wont solve the problem at hand. People have had enough, yes violence and looting is unacceptable but you cant blame these millions of unemployed youths with degrees rooming the streets doing nothing while the king is blowing $25M US in a useless trip

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