Our Verdict On The ZIMSEC Results Portal

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By now you most certainly must know that ZIMSEC Ordinary Level results for those who wrote in November of 2018 are out. You must also know that you can check the results online, so no more excuses, we have published a guide on how you can do this and even threw in a curated list of all the Frequently Asked Questions.

As a technophile I am thrilled by this development. I have made it my life to make sure that Zimbabwe’s education system moves into the twenty first century. The results portal, despite it’s shortcomings and lack of proper support is a step in the right direction.

Here is our review of the portal
Good Effort but ..
Somebody really put an effort into this one by government standards. I thought the site would melt under pressure but it handled all the traffic gracefully. The EV certificate is really commendable I am very impressed indeed, I can also understand the lax cipher suite policy here. Some people still use Android 2*. Site loads very fast, though it's not responsive, reports of people creating accounts using other people's details are disturbing. SMS should be mandatory it adds accountability right now people can pretty much create accounts anonymously. There is also need for actual human support.
Mobile site40
EV Certificate60
Page size100
Reader Rating10 Votes62
The Good
Clean interface
Website works on mobile as well
Handled traffic well, the main site crashed this scaled up with grace
This website is host locally by Dandemutande I think
EV certificate
Small pages with no unneeded scripts
Detailed instructions on how to use the site
The Bad
This site is not responsive even though it works on mobile
There is no real support just like with eMap
Easy for other people to create an account and view other people's results
No 2-factor authentication
The site does not send verification SMS to those creating accounts this improves security and introduces accountability
Password recovery is a pain as it requires you to remember a phrase
No date picker
Rightful owners of results cannot easily reclaim accounts created by malicious others
The domain name is should've been (underneath it is)
Site got a B on SSLLABs TSL 1.0 sersiously!
Good Effort, there is room to improve

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26 thoughts on “Our Verdict On The ZIMSEC Results Portal

  1. well done Techzim for the reconnaissance you have nailed all the possible threats and as well i think you outlined to then how to patch those privately
    great work cheers

    1. you must have created your account under zimsec login or centre login not student login. Student account doesnt not need activation

    1. invalid login attempt means you are putting in wrong details. its not the password most people are forgetting its the username. Make sure you type your username correctly. if it has a space put a space

    1. that someone who knows your DOB, Candidate Number is your best friend. Try looking for that person. In most cases the candidate has already viewed the results but doesnt want the parent to see the results.

  2. Job Well Done Zimsec use these comments to improve on your portal even the MSU (Changamire) got better year by year and its still improving

  3. I WOULD LIKE to contest my result. I do not understand why i failed my other subjects that i was good at. The E and D symbol are not what expected. I feel something went wrong. Where and how do I contest.

  4. You did not consult all the relevant stakeholders what about students with books and outstanding fees if the see that they have failed do you think they will bring them back. Shortchanging future generations

  5. i checked my young brother’s results,the there are no grades instead it is only writteen M in all subjects what does that mean?

    1. Missing result usually means he missed some of the papers or the results have not yet been finalized

  6. I can’t log in into my own result this sucks a lot n the worst part of it is that my parents think am lying abt my candidate number as if i don’t want them to see my results

  7. is the zimsec portal portal still working .I have tried numerous times to log into the recommended website but it aint responding .Please help because my parents really don’t believe me.

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