Telecel Launches Home WiFi Modem And Service Challenging NetOne’s One-Fi And ZOL.’s Wibroniks


Telecel Zimbabwe has launched a home WiFi moderm and service. This is similar to NetOne’s One-Fi and the Wibroniks offering from ZOL.

Telecel is selling the modems at $150 each. Each modem can connect up to 15 devices in the home. Similar to the competition the home modem will be connecting to Telecel towers and giving the home customer access to the internet via WiFi.

Customers can then buy monthly bundles which are priced as follows:

Monthly FeeData Cap (GB)

Telecel is giving new customers free 5GB of data upon sign up.

The biggest challenge for Telecel is that they have the least LTE coverage meaning that for some customers the home internet speeds will not be as fast as people expect for a home.

We will be comparing how their offer fares against One-Fi and Wibroniks.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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