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Watch: Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Goes On A Rampage, Leaves A Trail Of Destruction

First of all Redmi is now a sub brand for Xiaomi’s budget phone line. This means that while we used to say Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 we now only have to say Redmi Note 7. Still the same phone company and awesome phones. In fact the Redmi Note 7 is so awesome it has inspired a durability challenge of its own that has gone viral.

It all started with Redmi’s brand new CEO Lu Weibing who did an unusual durability test that has sort of become a viral trend. He took a walnut put it on at table and used the Redmi Note 7 to break it open. Suffice to say the poor walnut did not survive the brutal encounter, it was smashed into smithereens and thus a new viral unusual durability test trend was born.

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Things have gone sort of downhill from there. Mr Lu and others have since come up with all sorts of crazy durability tests. It’s like the a crazy challenge of sorts that has taken a life of its own with reviewers trying to come up with the most exotic quintessential test. The pitiless Note 7 has gone on a rampage and there is only carnage and a growing list of victims left on its trail.

Question: Who wins in a watermelon versus Note 7 contest? Note 7: what contest?

It doesn’t matter whether the phone falls on the fruit or the fruit falls on the phone. The result is the same.

If you do not have a cutting board that’s note a problem the Note 7 will do the job.

Here it survives a stomping.

If you are up to it you can also use it as a skateboard.

This is one strong phone but …

Warning do not try this with your phone you have been warned. It will be your $180 or somewhere near there to lose.

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