Welcome To The Stars: Introducing User Votes And Reviews

For almost all the 8 years that I have worked here at Techzim, I have regularly done written reviews. Who am I kidding, most of the times I just rant and rave, wave my fists and threaten to send lightning strikes to those people who offend me with their terrible service.

I consider myself a humble word smith but at some point you run out of words. Again, I am just kidding, I reckon I have a few rants still left in me even now. Sometimes though words alone aren’t enough to express how we feel about something. Which is why here at Techzim we have decided to finally adopt a well proven method-stars.

The internet has made stars a universal symbol of approval or disapproval. They can even be used to signify indifference. From restaurant reviews on Yelp, driver rating on Uber and Vaya, product reviews on Amazon, movie and TV show reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and even the plugin directory at WordPress; stars are everywhere.


So from now on and from time to time you will see various reviews from us featuring not just stars but percentages, points and such. We invite you to join in the fun too:

Visitors can leave their own rating too

To leave your own review, depending on the type of review in the post, go to where it says reader review and tap the number of stars/percentage/points you think the item being reviewed deserves. If you are viewing on your computer hover your mouse over the reader review section and click to select your rating.

We sincerely hope you will love this new feature as much as we do.

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