[Updated] You Can No Longer Buy Econet’s Yo Mix Bundles Using EcoCash

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So we’ve talked about Yo Mix and how much value for money their bundles tend to offer (your mileage may vary it seems). I’ve been using the bundles for quite some time now and when purchasing the bundles you could either do so through your EcoCash and your airtime balance.

It seems the EcoCash option has been pulled off and now you’ll only be able to purchase the bundles through your normal airtime balance.

Why the shift?

Buying straight from EcoCash was more convenient but now you’ll have to purchase the airtime first and then buy the bundle. The only problem is that EcoCash wasn’t really working as advertised so there was no point.


Just by way of doing a “EcoCash Yo Mix” Twitter search it quickly becomes obvious just how many people were buying bundles via EcoCash only to get their balance deducted but without the bundles becoming active.

A few of the people who were complaining about getting a similar error when trying to buy bundles via EcoCash

This has been going on for a while and fortunately for me the only time I tried to buy a Yo Mix bundle through EcoCash the transaction wouldn’t even go through. Every time I’ve bought the bundles using my airtime balance I haven’t faced any challenges and they have worked as advertised.

Is it about money?

A colleague I work with also suggested that the removal has to do with EcoCash standing to make less money as people would now be able to buy data under a $1. Remember back in 2017, EcoCash made it such that you could not buy airtime for less than a dollar. My colleague believes that through Yo Mix people could now buy airtime for less than a dollar which is precisely what EcoCash didn’t want. Granted this isn’t something I hadn’t personally tested for myself I’m hedging my bets on the errors more than anything else.

[Update]: Elevate made it clear that they were facing some challenges with the EcoCash system through the tweet below:

The feature will make a comeback once they’ve figured out how to get it working seamlessly…

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