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Zimbabweans Are Opening The Wrong Zimsec Website To Access O’Level Results. Here’s The Correct Website

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Today people (both exam writers, parents guardians etc.) are in a haste to check their loved one’s Zimsec O’level results. However, we have noted that some people are opening the wrong Zimsec website to access their results.

If you are one of these people it’s not your fault because even me initially opened the wrong address. I mean naturally one would think that they can access the results on: But No!, that’s not the site to see the results. As it happens, the: doesn’t even open sometimes or it takes a century to open.

So, let me take this opportunity to tell you the correct website to access your Zimsec O’level results:

The correct website to access Zimsec O’level your results its:

Why is that link working when the site isn’t?

One would expect that since the ZIMSEC site isn’t working the link to access the portal would also be hindered. It seems the link to the portal might be hosted on a different server to the full site but anyway what’s most important is; if you use the direct link to the portal you’re less likely to face any challenge.


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35 thoughts on “Zimbabweans Are Opening The Wrong Zimsec Website To Access O’Level Results. Here’s The Correct Website

  1. After creating account l tried logging in but taken back login page with option to log off and reset password but no results

  2. The website is useless One can not even reset password or contact support team. Disappointed

  3. mine is returning an error which reads “registration of account has been halted. candidate already registered another account.” but if i try to log in,its not working. Please do something.

  4. ha , so guys how long does it take to view the results because right now it is saying ‘invalid login attempt’

  5. Is this for every candidate even those that wrote back then or its only for the 2018 candidates only??

  6. Learn to update and tell people the truth. Don’t always try to sell yourselves by turning something good into something bad. Typical!

  7. Guys Wu isn’t your portal taking too long to respond untill it is timed out isn’t this a prank???😏😏
    From :Madforgy

  8. Look fellow candidates these guys are not even responding to our questions .i think this is rude .From:. Madforgy

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