Zimbabweans On Twitter Going Crazy About The #CharityCharambaChallenge: Check Out Some Of The Hilarious Tweets

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Zimbabweans are going crazy on the internet with the #CharityCharambaChallenge. It’s a challenge that started after the Zimbabwe Republic Police National Spokesperson Charity Charamba dismissed a SkyNews documentary that showed a policeman abusing a certain guy.


Sky News says the clip in the documentary happened during the recent Shutdown Zimbabwe protests. Whereas Charity Charamba disputed this by saying that the clip was recorded in 2016 and not during the Shutdown Zimbabwe protests. This is where the #CharityCharambaChallenge is coming from-people are now posting pictures and videos that were captured very recently (like today or last week) with a caption that says the picture or video was taken 10, 20, 5, 7 or 3 years ago.

So, Twimbos (Zimbabweans on Twitter) are just being sarcastic towards Charity Charamba by just posting an event (in picture or video) which happened recently but deliberately lying that the event happened some time long ago. For example, the death of Oliver Mtukudzi (which happened last week), one can just post a picture at Mtukudzi’s funeral and tweet “at Mtukudzis funeral in the year 1992”. Take a look at some of the tweets for the #CharityCharambaChallenge


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Charity Angeline Charamba a Zimbabwean police officer, She is the former National Spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police a position she was moved from in March 2019. She holds the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner in the police force. In March 2018 Charity Charamba reportedly... Read More About Charity Charamba

Oliver Mtukudzi, also known as "Tuku" (short for Mtukudzi) was a singer-songwriter, actor, writer, film director and entrepreneur. With over 60 albums to his name, he was one of Zimbabwe's top musicians and lead of the band The Black Spirits. His music was mainly in... Read More About Oliver Mtukudzi

' Twimbos is a popular word on Zimbabwes's social media and is usually used to refer to Zimbabweans who use Twitter. The name Twimbos is a result of a combination of two words, Zimbos- a word used to refer to people of Zimbabwean origin; and... Read More About Twimbos

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