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5 Lesser-Known Android Mobile Browsers That You Must Check Out

Chrome, Opera Mini and Firefox are great browsers for everyday users including myself. For most, these browsers have everything they need from incognito browsing to data saving moded to good surfing speed. However, if you are curious about what other browsers may be available that offer different and good features, here are a few lesser-known browsers that I think you should check out.

Kiwi Browser

One unique feature that Kiwi browser brings is that it blocks hackers from using your device to mine cryptocurrency. Also, pop up ads can be annoying, but Kiwi includes a strong pop-up blocker.

Download it here

CM Browser

The CM Browser’s adblocking software prevents unwanted popups while its antivirus engine protects you from malicious code. Your downloads are scanned for malware, ensuring your device stays protected. Once you are done browsing the web and close the CM Browser app, all history data is removed.

Download it here

Keepsafe Browser

With this browser you can, set up a PIN or use your fingerprint to gain access to the browser and to keep unwanted guests from accessing the web. Furthermore, it blocks trackers from gathering your information. The KeepSafe Browser also provides an additional level of privacy by natively including a VPN feature.

Download it here

Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Browser is another browser that focuses on speed and security but handles it a little differently. Puffin shifts the page loading from the device to the cloud allowing faster webpage loading on your phones or tablets. As a result, traffic between the Puffin app and server is secure so you can safely use public wifi locations without any security concerns.

Download it here

Firefox Focus

As with other browsers, Firefox Focus blocks numerous ad, analytics, and trackers attempting to collect your browsing habits and data. You can easily remove your history, passwords, and cookies for improved browsing privacy.

Download it here

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4 thoughts on “5 Lesser-Known Android Mobile Browsers That You Must Check Out

  1. Apparently Puffin is now doing a better job overally than the common browsers, Opera Mini included

    1. Lest we forget, browsers that operate as a proxy collect information about your browsing habits. As well, they have access to the content you are browsing as they render it in your behalf, i.e, if you open an email, technically the content can be “read” at their server. Surely, you cannot really tout that as security, even if you are given their word that they won’t.

      1. That’s not entirely true,conceptually it’s just the rendering engines that run on the server as opposed to your device.

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