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5 Tips to Use for WhatsApp Business

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WhatsApp is among the most popular social messaging apps in the world. It has enhanced communication in so many ways, and has had a positive impact on businesses. Since the inception of WhatsApp business, there’s a lot to get from it as a business owner, but first, you must know how to use it. Here are a couple of tips to let you in on it:

Labels for your conversations

Keeping track of customers is one luxury that small businesses can now enjoy, thanks to WhatsApp business. Assigning labels to your conversations comes pretty in handy when dealing with a large audience. With labels, you can swiftly handle your clients, setting apart new users, from complaints and new requests. For example, you can add a ‘new customer’ label on a certain contact. This way, next time they are coming to you with a request after a long while, you can still set them apart and address their specific needs.

Customer support

Customer support means the world to business owners. It goes a long way in maintaining relationships with the target niche market. WhatsApp business will help you stay on top of your customers’ requests for your multitude of services. Since WhatsApp platform supports multimedia, there are various ways you can use to be right on your customers’ requests and queries, for example, photos, document attachment files, and live-video to guide them through the installation processes, among others.

Instantaneous feedback

With WhatsApp business, all you need is to be continuously connected to the internet. If you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, then, by all means, use this channel to respond to feedback on time. Remember that people on WhatsApp expect instant feedback, and as a business, you can use this to keep up with their conversations online. While at it, do not hold yourself back from asking for feedback from your customers.

Sending updates

You know how businesses need a strong marketing campaign to announce a change? As a small business, you do not need to worry so much, as long as you have WhatsApp business. All you need is to add contacts to your list manually, and then, use this platform to send updates to your clients, whether about a product launch, upcoming event, or a simple change.

Backup your chats

This is perhaps the best part of using WhatsApp business. By connecting your WhatsApp to your Google account for Android users, or to the iCloud for Apple users, you can store backups of your chats and keep updating them as frequently as you so desire. With this, you maintain a database of the contacts of your customers, mainly as your data grows and you have more people to focus your energy to.

The best bit is that you can still use WhatsApp business on your desktop or laptop, which means you can expand your storage and opt for a different data backup technique. Next time you are about to change your devices, you don’t need to worry about your previous conversations. WhatsApp will even ask you to restore your backups before you begin, which is a good deal for businesses.

Whether you have a big business that sells multi-tool blades or a startup you hope will become an empire in no time, you cannot ignore WhatsApp as a communication and marketing tool.

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