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6 Phones Under US$140 You Can Buy In The Techzim Store Right Now

Before we begin, if you haven’t browsed through our Marketplace you might be missing out on a couple of Valentine’s discounts on selected products. Whilst you are there you may want to get a quick overview of some bargains in our store but not know where to start. Maybe I could lend a hand. These are the top 7 phones in the Techzim Marketplace under US$140.

Starting with the most expensive:

Lenovo Tab 7″ 3G US$120

Okay so technically this is a tablet but it does have cellular capabilities so yes it’s a phone to me. It is a 7-inch tablet costing US$120. Why should you buy it? It has a big IPS display for viewing some online TV like your YouTube, DEOD or Iflix.

It also has Dolby Headphone Enhancement for an even more immersive multimedia experience. This one is for keeping the kids entertained while you cook them a meal or soak up on your favourite novels. Oh yes and you can still do the cellular stuff like calls and WhatsApp just fine.

Nokia 1 US$117

From the makers of the world’s most popular and best ever selling smartphone, the Nokia 1100, I bring you the Nokia 1. Bottom of the food chain in the Nokia lineup but let me tell you why you need to buy it.

It comes with some bright colours that definitely will stand out. As per Nokia tradition, it is built like a tank. It comes with Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box and Nokia promises 2 solid years of software support and updates.

Quite a resilient backup phone for handling those hustles business transactions on. I’m sure most of you already have 2 phones on you. If not then its a great first phone for the child with that loving mum that wants to always stay in touch with them.

Samsung Galaxy J1 mini US$111

Another hustler’s toy from the world’s #1 Smartphone manufacturer. A dependable workhorse for those mobile money transactions perfect for the biggest contributors to this nation’s economy. The SMEs.

It’s also a very decent starter pack for introducing someone to the smartphone world. Elegance in simplicity. Compact enough to fit in your shirt pocket with the button fastened. Buy it and try it yourself.

Samsung Z2 LTE US$111

The matching price is a pure coincidence. This is the only phone on this list capable of accessing blazing fast 4G LTE internet. Literally, the cheapest way to access 4G in our store. Need I say more? It’s properly compact and for someone interested in browsing and streaming this is where they will get the fastest experience of the lot period.

Asus ZenFone Go US$98

Look at that. We have already gone below a hundred. This one comes from the foundries of one of the top PC manufacturers. Asus. This one is for those that wish to have something different. For those taking a break from the stereotypical mainstream brands and designs. Think of it as a $98 ice breaker amongst your techies.

ZTE L110 US$66

Lastly there is this little trooper, the ZTE. Really as bare bones as you can get. It is the cheapest entry to an Android device that we have in our store. Something you can give your kids for those ‘humble beginning’ memories.

Whats a top 6 without 7 and 8? I just have 2 Honorable Mentions and I promise these deserve to be on this list.

Nokia 2 US$142

I mean it’s just 2 bucks over budget, it’s not too bad. It comes with a very plush 4100mAh battery bigger than over 80% of smartphones available right now. It also comes with the Nokia reputation of a tough-as-nails, Chuck Norris approved build quality and reliability.

Oh, and it was Techzim’s best seller for December and January if anyone was wondering. It does one job and does it well. Dependable off the socket and in the rough.

Asus ZenFone GoTV US$157

Yes, this one is $17 over budget. Sure you just forfeit a case and a tempered glass but listen. It comes with a TV tuner built in. You can watch some live television direct from the waves with zero internet! How is that for bragging rights.

It also brings to the table some super fast 4G connectivity, more storage and RAM than any phone in this lineup, better cameras and a spacious 5.5-inch display. Feels like its worth the extra US$17 to me.

We are pretty chuffed about our store and will be adding new stuff on a weekly. The aim is to make your favourite toys more easily accessible to you so if you feel like your preferences aren’t being met in the Techzim Marketplace you are free to pour out your qualms in the comments.

P.S Valentines Specials Ending On 14 February. 

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