7 Other Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do On Econet’s Self-Care Platform

Last year in March, Econet introduced its Self Care portal for the primary reason of letting its subscribers keep track of their data and airtime. However, some people don’t know that they can do or check even more stuff on the portal than just keeping track of their data. Here are other things of interest that you can use the Self Care portal for:

1. My profile

Under “My Profile” you can see your name, surname, ID number, home address etc. If you are lazy to go and stand a queue for an hour to get your details, this is where you do it since you can update the profile.

2. Call History

Here you get to see the numbers you have called for the past 6 months. On to top of that, you can see the duration of the calls and the amount of money you used for each and every call. Never mind the label ” Call History” here you can also check whom you have been texting for the past month.


3. PUK Enquiry

Many of us have blocked sim cards by accident and there comes a time when you are asked your PUK Number. Incidentally, you’d have lost your sim card certificate or perhaps you are not home to check the PUK Number on the certificate. This is when the Self Care portal comes in handy- the Self Care portal displays your PUK number.

4. Recharge

Instead of recharging your phone on your phone (USSD), you might as well do it on the Self Care portal.

5. Bundles and offers

If responding to prompts just to buy data bundles is tiring then use the Self Care portal. You can quickly and easily buy a data bundle with just a click of an icon on Self Care portal.

6. Airtime and transfers

This is also for those who feel lazy to respond to a couple of prompts for transferring airtime to someone. You can send a minimum of 10 cents airtime using the Self Care portal. All you need to do is enter the recipient’s number and click the submit icon and it will be sent.

7. My Queries

Econet understands that the Self Care portal can’t be used to solve every issue of the subscriber, that’s why it has the “MY Queries” section where you can you write them the problem you are facing. After sending your query, you can even track how far away your query is from being attended to.

If you aren’t yet signed up on the Self Care portal to do all these things, follow this link to go to the Self Care Portal and sign up.

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    1. This challenge is faced when you want to open a bank account and link it with your E Wallet, you will need to visit Econet to verify and update those details in the case where there is an error in the linkage

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