Angry, Funny and Insighful Reactions To The Monetary Policy Statement

John Mangudya (RBZ Governor)
The introduction of RTGS Dollars (Zimbabwe’s new currency) yesterday has attracted interesting opinions from both public figures and unknown persons. We have just complied some few reactions that people on Twitter had when John Mangudya announced the shocking move. Here are some:

1) Modern functional States are founded on & .That clearly is not part of the DNA of ZANU . The regime today disingenuously & mendaciously de – dollarised the economy by informally re-introducing the Zim $ now called the RTGS $ through the back door .


2) It is a disaster to embark on currency reform in the absence of key to back that currency . These include market confidence, reserves , a decent Capital acvount , & a stable macroeconomic environment.This is elementary

3) Regrettably the economy now enters another period of self induced shocks that will see salaries and values being devalued, hyper inflation, shortages and queues.What a dog s breakfast!!!


(1/3) ’s Min. of Fin. has just officially blessed a huge devaluation in Zim quasi currencies and said they will float. He should have added that they won’t float on a sea of tranquility, but sink.

Bond notes started off as an export incentive accessory and now it is a currency. 101 promises have been thrown at us but very few materialized. Besides the issue of production, reforms & corruption plus incompetence, we now have a trust issue. Does the market trust what we say?

So say you deposit the RTGS dollars and want to send them to someone electronically… What do you call that transaction?

Zimbabwe Dollar, Bearer Cheques, Agri Cheques, Bond notes and now RTGS balances. We could create a multi currency regime yemari yedu tega pasina kana forex

RTGS-real time gross settlement. RTGS dollars .Mr governor how can bond notes and coins became real time. That’s voodoo economics

If it was a company it would read RTGS dollars (Pvt) Ltd trading as Bond Note ,a Subsidiary of the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe Holdings.

liberilisation of financial markets to deepen capitalists interests in Zimbabwe at the expense of Zimbabweans Livelihoods. No safety nets for young people trying to rise from poverty mud. RTGS dollars is bad money.

RTGS Dollars = We have failed v8.0… This marks the 8th time that this Zanu PF government has pressed the reset button on our local currency. 8th!!! How many more times do they need to steal from us?

React to the Monetary Policy Statement in our comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “Angry, Funny and Insighful Reactions To The Monetary Policy Statement

  1. Zimbabweans do not want to accept what other people say. It’s only now that we are admitting that Biti was right that Zimbabwe has a new currency…the RTGS Zimbabwe New currency.Oh shame. Information is power and there is no secret under the sun.

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