Besides Cars, Here Is What You Can Also Buy On BeForward


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Beforward, which is perhaps the largest site to buy second-hand cars has been the go-to platform for Zimbabweans to buy pre-loved Japanese cars. The affordability of the cars and the easiness with which one can make a successful purchase on Beforward has made it the most preferred platform to buy cars for Zimbabweans. This has made Beforward invariably associated with cars in Zimbabwe.


However, few people know that there is more to Beforward than just cars- you can buy many things other than just cars. Here are some of the things sold on Beforward:

Mobile Phones

You heard me right, you can buy second-hand phones on Beforward. The phones come in various brands that you can choose from- Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, Xiaomi, Oppo and other unknown Android-run phones.



Tablets are not as much available as phones but in their fewness, there is variety nevertheless.

Laptop and Computers

Laptops were the first products besides cars that Beforward started selling. You can find more laptops than computers on the site.

Mobile phones accessories

Things like chargers, phone-holders, earphones etc.

Laptop and Computer accessories

Things like mouses, flash disks, hard drives etc.

Smart watches


Play station

If you are a fan of FIFA or Fortnite, you can buy gaming equipment too on BeForward.

Besides these items, you can also bump into digital cameras, CCTV equipment, video projectors, kids toys, and even tractors.

How to buy the stuff and get them delivered in Zimbabwe

The same processes that’s used to buy a car is the one you go through when buying a phone, laptop etc. Only that this time the delivery date will be significantly shortened since phones or laptops are shipped to you via air freight.

The process starts when you search for the product that you want, select it and add it to your cart, then you check out. A proforma invoice will then emailed to you that will require you to make your way to the bank and do a telegraphic transfer. Once payment has been made within 48 hours after Beforward sends you the proforma, it will then hand in your purchase to DHL or FedEx which don’t take more than 14 days to get into Zimbabwe.

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