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CVR Tweaks System To Counter Number Plate Shortages

For the past number of months, the government has been grappling with number plate shortages. Central Vehicle Registry initially announced that they had run out of number plates back in September last year and they claimed ( lied) that this was due to logistical problems.

Ever since the government switched to the new number plates sometime in the last decade, raw material plates have to be imported from Germany. What a shocker we import number plates too, is there anything we can make in this country? Anyway given our foreign currency situation the shortages which are due to forex shortages have persisted.

To mitigate the shortages, CVR has made some changes to their software system and effected a new policy.

Due to shortages of number plates CVR has changed its policy on change of ownership

New Policy On Cange of Ownership

With effect from today 26 February 2019 all vehicles changing ownership should maintain current plates, what only changes is the new registered book with details of the new owner. This functionality have (sic) been enabled in the system

The motorist pays $15 and get a registration book only with the new owner details.

The number plates and 3rd party plates remains (sic) the same and noplates will be surrendered. All the other requirements remain unchanged.

New Number Plates will be issued as usual on the following cases;

  1. When a government or local authority vehicle is changing ownership, plates must be surrendered as usual. They pay $80 or $70 if trailer/motor cycle, the policy did not change for these vehicles
  2. Were (sic) a vehicle is changing ownership and category from Public Serice Vehicle(PSV) to private or vice versa.
  3. Conversion of old “check letter” plates
  4. Replacing damaged/lost/defaced number plates


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2 thoughts on “CVR Tweaks System To Counter Number Plate Shortages

    1. I dont see any problem with changing number plates the system just has to be efficient thats all.In SA they do change number plates but the price is included on your purchase of vehicle price and the car sale do all the paper work on your behalf.The problem with the Zim system is that its not efficient otherwise there is no problem with changing the plates and here are some of my reasons.
      -It provides clear track record of when the vehicle was sold and what was the history in terms of tickets etc between different owners.
      -For tax collection purposes it is more efficient if the plates are changed otherwise people will do a private sale and pretend that the car was never sold.

      So i repeat the issue has never been about changing of plates but rather inefficiencies in the process.

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