EcoCash Has A New & Exciting Rewards Program

This morning EcoCash has announced a new rewards program that they are calling EcoCash Rewards.

The rewards program will work every time you transact and EcoCash will make sure you get rewarded. How will this work?

What are the benefits?

For customers EcoCash is promising the following benefits:

  • Earn up to 15% of VALUE as EcoCash Reward Points
  • Access to Merchant Discounts & Specials

For merchants the following benefits are promised:

  • Increased revenues
  • Increased customer traffic to shop floor
  • Increased advertising opportunities on EcoCash

How do you claim your rewards?

Right now the promotion is working on the EcoCash app only but it will soon be available on the USSD.

So how will you access the service? You can follow these simple steps:

  1. (Dial *151# or) log onto EcoCash App
  2. Select Pay Merchant
  3. Select EcoCash Rewards
  4. Select Redeem Value & confirm

Once your points accumulates you get value as EcoCash actually puts money directly into your mobile wallets.

[Update] EcoCash Rewards will be available from tomorrow (21 February)

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3 thoughts on “EcoCash Has A New & Exciting Rewards Program

  1. I will never join and Ecocash promotions again.The chances of winning or benefiting are 1 against their 6 million customers.
    They should be addresding things that matter like the fact that 250 megabytes only last hours after browsing a few pages.Value for Data that want I not lies

  2. They started this last year and l was getting msgs of target required to redeem my reward. However, l surpassed the target and nothing from Ecocash

    1. Maybe it was in a beta phase of some sorts because yesterday they claimed this was the first such offer from them. You may also be mistaking yours for that points promotion they had. It’s different

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