Econet Now Has A Bulk SMS Portal For Businesses

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Econet now has a portal that will allow businesses to send bulk SMSs to targeted/potential customers on their own.

Econet announced the platform on their Twitter page and from what they are saying you will probably be able to customize many of the features to do with bulk SMSs:



The Econet Bulk SMS Web Portal!

A platform that allows you send customised SMSs directly to your customers!

For convenience, you are able to manage the NEW Bulk SMS Web Portal via your mobile phone, tablet or computer!

We don’t have full details yet on how this platform will work as you have to fill out an application PDF before you can actually get an account on the portal but businesses will probably be able to edit what they send and who they send to on the fly.

Oh speaking of that registration form, it’s available as a PDF, which means you’ll have to email it back and before being approved. If you do fill the form out you should probably email it to:

Check out the documents that will indicate BULK SMS WEB PORTAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

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